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About us

Companies use synthetic chemicals because they are easy to reproduce and cost effective.  These unnatural chemicals have been tied to unintended consequences. Some have even been labeled carcinogens and could cause cancer.  Yet, they have been deemed safe by the FDA and are present in the majority of commercially available products.  And, still we know from past experience that sometimes products that are deemed safe by the FDA don't remain labeled safe forever (this doesn't even begin to address those companies that knowingly include harmful chemicals in their products due to greed). So, what is a consumer to do?  Into this mess steps Trinity Well Essentials.

We are a husband and wife team located in Chesterfield, Michigan that provides another option to the chemical laden laboratory created personal care products currently available. Our products are hand made, all natural, and priced affordably. Our products are also die and fragrance free.  The only fragrances we use come from essential oils and we save the color for our packaging as opposed to putting it into our product.

Our products work. We know because we use them. And, our products are affordable. We know because we've shopped the competition.  So, let our family take care of yours with your personal care needs. And, Be Life with Trinity Well Essentials.

Our promises to you:

  • Only high quality ingredients are used. Quality is never sacrificed for profit.
  • We do not promote or sell any products we don’t personally use.
  • There is a difference between profit and greed. Greed never enters any of our equations.
  • Customer service is important. Contact us with your concerns and we will work to answer your questions and meet your needs.

The Team 

Creative Lead (Wife) – Sarah Lada

I was first introduced to essential oils in 2011 and was so impressed by their benefits that I became a distributor in 2013. I have spent the past few years educating others and myself in their uses and benefits.  In 2016 I saw an opportunity to make products people use every day without the harsh chemicals that are so common in the products currently available.

Trinity Well Essentials, LLC currently has 7 different products with several other currently in the pipeline to be released.  As we grow we will offer as many products as possible.  I love my essential oils as well as the products we have created.  And, I love serving people and making life a little brighter.  Be life with us at Trinity Well Essentials, LLC.

Business Operations (Husband) – Rob Lada

I am a 13-year Army Veteran. I am currently a Captain in the Army Reserves and have spent the last 15 years in business operations as a civilian. I have a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master of Business Administration with a healthcare concentration. At first I was skeptical of essential oils and the all-natural alternatives, but I have seen them work in miraculous fashion and am fully on board with this growing movement. In fact, I quit a high paying civilian job to open Trinity Well Essentials, LLC with my wife Sarah since I was so passionate about the products that we are providing. 

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